SCEA Member Activity at AEA 2012

Many evaluators felt right at home at last year’s conference in sunny Anaheim, California, but Minneapolis welcomed us with open arms this year at Evaluation 2012. There were many excellent presentations this year – many evaluators presented on and explored the conference theme of evaluation in complex ecologies. Just as we, as evaluators, have learned to be flexible and adaptable, our conference has done the same with an increase in resource-based presentations and Ignite presentations (made popular by the Data Visualization TIG at Evaluation 2011).

SCEA had a great showing at this year’s conference. How strong of a showing did we have? Out of 177 members in the current SCEA database…

  • 21 SCEA members gave presentations
  • 13 SCEA members served as session chairs
  • 7 SCEA members were panelists
  • 5 SCEA members presented posters

SCEA members presented on a wide variety of topics from capacity building to dealing with complex ecologies. Here are some of the themes we saw in SCEA members’ sessions this year:

SCEA Word Cloud Eval 2012


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