About Us

The Southern California Evaluation Association (SCEA) is a local affiliate of the American Evaluation Association (AEA). Established in 2003, the Southern California Evaluation Association is designed to be a hub of information and resources for evaluators in the Southern California region. Its members are comprised of over 150 evaluation practitioners and scholars who are committed to the advancement of the evaluation discipline. SCEA members practice, conduct research, and teach in various sectors and contexts, including but not limited to: Education, Energy, Social Services, universities, foundations, non-profit organizations, and private consulting firms. Members are located throughout Southern California from the San Fernando Valley to San Diego and from West Los Angeles to the Inland Empire.


The SCEA’s mission is to provide information and resources to individuals and groups working in the fields of evaluation and applied research in Southern California.


To achieve its vision and mission, the SCEA will:

· Organize presentations on topics relevant to evaluators,

· Organize networking opportunities throughout Southern California,

· Promote professional development opportunities through the SCEA listserv and website, and

· Create an open forum for discussion.


The Southern California Evaluation Association is currently being led by Anne Vo & John LaVelle. The SCEA website is currently being managed by Patrick Stanley.

Anne Vo is a Research Associate with the UCLA SRM Evaluation Group and is a doctoral candidate in the Social Research Methodology Division at the UCLA Graduate School of Education & Information Studies. She is Co-Editor of the American Journal of Evaluation’s section on Teaching Evaluation and her research interests include comparative evaluation theory, evaluation context, and teaching of evaluation. Anne’s practice has centered on evaluation capacity building and the evaluation of academic preparation and enrichment programs that serve underrepresented populations in the K-20 pipeline.
john pic John LaVelle is Director of External Affairs for the School of Behavioral and Organizational Sciences at Claremont Graduate University and is a doctoral candidate in the evaluation and applied research methods program.  His work focuses on the recruitment, socialization, and professional development of evaluators, as well as the university systems that prepare them.
Patrick Stanley is a Capacity Building Assistance Specialist at AIDS Project Los Angeles. He graduated with his Masters in Evaluation & Organizational Behavior from Claremont Graduate University. His practice is currently focused on developing HIV & AIDS Services agencies’ capacity to implement their programs as well as understand, utilize, and engage in evaluation and its practices.
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