SCEA at AEA 2011: Presentations on Evaluation Theory

As evaluation practitioners, scholars, and students, we are often greeted by questions about the relationship between evaluation theory and practice. Our experiences suggest that development and advancement of these areas inevitably go hand-in-hand. In today’s post, we draw your attention to paper presentations about evaluation theory specifically. Those interested in this particular area might find … Continue reading

SCEA Week on the aea365 Blog

In June 2011, we shared a call with the SCEA community for contributions to the American Evaluation Association’s aea365 Blog for SCEA Week. Members who responded to the call were asked to share a “lesson-learned” about conducting evaluations in their particular sector as it is situated in the Southern California context. They were also asked … Continue reading

SCEA at AEA 2011: Roundtables

Earlier this week we highlighted poster presentations that SCEA members will be giving at this year’s AEA Meeting. In today’s post, we want to draw your attention to another venue in which presenters and their audience can closely engage with each other — roundtable sessions. Roundtables are held everyday during the conference and this year’s … Continue reading